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We are a group of talented and energetic musicians who like to create unforgettable musical experiences for their audience. Our goal is not just sound, but real emotions and unforgettable impressions from our music.

About our band

The band was founded in 2014. Then, after another summer performance in one of Odessa's restaurants, the previous name of the collective appeared - "Money Forward". The reason for its appearance was a conflict during the concert - the band was not paid a fee due to an altercation with a visitor. At that time, Oleg Vasyanovych, Oleg Beylik and Felix Shinder were members of the band. It is important to note that Oleg Vasyanovych, as the most experienced musician of the band, became the musical director and author of almost all the arrangements.

It was in 2014 that the team grew with new members (Volodymyr Gitin, Andriy Okhramovych and Yaroslav Besh). And at the end of the summer of the same year, the boys received an offer from Viktor Lykhodko to join the band as a director, which determined the further active development of the musicians' concert activities. In the fall of 2014, the band participates in the opening of the International Festival "Odessa Jazz Fest". The collective gains local popularity, and later it enters the all-Ukrainian scene.


Streaming services

Enjoy our music on all streaming platforms! Our songs are available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other services.

Our songs

ПHear our music and feel its true power! In the section you will find our best compositions that we have created for you.

Broygez Tanz




Opa Cupa



Since its inception, the group has been publishing its own newspaper annually. The idea to use this format and start this tradition was brought to the team by Rita Caterpillar, music manager and owner of the Caterpillar label.

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