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    “In Odessa, people find togetherness. In Odessa, all will laugh and sing." Ukraine’s Kommuna Lux validates these words from an old poem, performing their own style called "Odessa Gangsta Folk:" thrilling klezmer music and common gangster folk songs from their hometown, all with a dose of rocket fuel.

    Odessites have always been known for their great tolerance, easy-going lifestyle, and very special sense of humor. This multicultural port city is world-famous for its significant Jewish culture and for being the birthplace of the Urban Chanson genre. The streets are rich with nostalgia and a bohemian Black Sea coastal vibe. These are set to a timeless new level by the vibrant performances of the lovely singer Bagrat Tsurkan and his charming musicians. Kommuna Lux plays joyful songs and melodies from Odessa and all Eastern Europe in spiced up arrangements.


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    Watch our latest videos and feel the atmosphere of our performances! In this section, you will find our latest music videos, video interviews and footage from our concerts.

    Future events

    Our band is preparing for a tour that will cover several countries. We will visit different cities and festivals to offer our music to as many people as possible.

    2023-08-13HungaryBudapestSziget Festival
    2023-09-06GermanyBerlinJüdische Kulturtage
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    Festival in Wroclaw!

    Friends, hello to everyone! We are breaking into your feed with cool news! From April 30 to May 2, 2023, ...

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    About the styles

    Friends, hello! As promised, today we continue to talk about the styles that make up our music genre “Odesa Gangsta ...

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    Today is a wonderful day

    Today is a wonderful day – the birthday of our dear and talented trombonist Yaroslav Besh! Sincere congratulations, my friend! ...

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    Enjoy our music on all streaming platforms! Our songs are available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other services.

    Our songs

    Hear our music and feel its true power! In the section you will find our best compositions that we have created for you.

    Broygez Tanz




    Opa Cupa



    Since its inception, the group has been publishing its own newspaper annually. The idea to use this format and start this tradition was brought to the team by Rita Caterpillar, music manager and owner of the Caterpillar label.

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