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    Technical Rider

    Please read this document carefully! By the time the group arrives to check the sound, it is necessary to arrange all the equipment on the stage in accordance with the scene plan, switch according to the list of FOH inputs and AUX send, check the signal transmission, as well as the functionality of the entire equipment. To coordinate the equipment at the site, put a mark in a special column opposite the name of the equipment that you will have on the site. Save the document and send it to the soundman.


    The team need from 1 (one) to 2 (two) hours for soundcheck and setup. During the soundcheck on the stage and around the mixing console/FOH there must be permanent and quite bright static lighting. Are not allowed: mounting of any equipment, testing of lighting equipment and special effects that could interfere with soundcheck. During the soundcheck and the concert there must be 2 technicians provided by service company (or concert venue). One near the mixing console/FOH and one on the stage.

    1. AC power

    1. The same power supply cannot be used for lighting and sound equipment.Two separate circuits should be provided with technical staff of the rental company, or the staff of the venue.
    2. 3 (three) available power supplies of 220V must be located at the scene according to the stage plan. 1 (one) free power source of 220V must be located near the mixing console/FOH. The voltage should not be less than 210 volts


    3-4 way system of concert series (110 db SPL up to 300 seats, 120 db SPL in the halls up to 1000 seats) (L’acoustic, FunktionOne, JBL (not less than SRX), MeyerSound, MartinAudio, EV (not less than PX)) with 1/3 octave E.Q on all main outputs required. Three-way (tri-amped) house sound system must be able to provide enough power to produce 120 db SPL at the house mix position. We request PA-system must be fully operational, to have the same level of smooth sound from the 2 portals, and cannot be placed behind the musicians, or in any way aimed at the stage! If the portals are on stage, it is necessary to separate the PA system and the stage!

    3. FOH

    Minimum requirements for FOH mixing console:

    4. BACK LINE

    4.1 Monitor system:

    4.2 BackLine

    Instrumental stand:

    Microphone stand:



    Important: all stands must be serviceable, with all the fasteners, holders, rubber bands and clips!




    Trumpet :




    At an open air concert, during the cool time of year, it is necessary to provide five (5) UFO heaters for musicians and set them on the stage. 220v connection to UFO is conducted with separate (from the sound and light) power line!

    6. STAFF

    The organizers or the rental company provides their own competent sound engineer (at soundcheck and performance of the group ) if there is no sound engineer of the group with them!